Hi! and welcome to my blog – Find joy in the journey.  I’m Amanda and I live in Fife, Scotland with my four girls, Ellie, Mya, Leah and Lili.  Just to add to the chaos at home is our cat Luna and dog Molly.

My purpose of this blog is mainly to share my journey as a busy mum. It amazes me that even after baby no. 4 that I still have a lot to learn – whether its something to do with a child related issue, life matters, health and well-being or being organised at home (or unorganised in my case).  I feel there is always something new that questions my parenting abilities. I want to share some of my own life experiences – happy and not so happy, and will discuss and explore topics which affect my daily life as a mum.

Thanks for visiting!


Join me as I find Joy in the journey that is life.  Motherhood, Family, work, health & beauty issues. Life experiences and struggles that I sure have something to say about. Enjoy!

Things we love

So here you can see some of the stuff we as a family love. Whether its a favourite hobby, a new place to visit, films or books to read or food recipes. Health and beauty stuff that myself and eldest love to experiment with or household things that I couldn’t live without.

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